Online appointments
Let your visitors schedule online appointments

Visitors can book appointments over the website. A calendar pops up, the days marked green are available for selection. After selecting a date the visitor needs to choose a timeslot and a appointment option. In the backend you define per user his available timeslots. Only timeslots are selectable by the visitor when no other "calendar.event" is present for that period of time. Appointment options you define globally in the backend and have a duration. This way a "calendar.event" is created with the correct start and stop.

By default only registered users are allowed to schedule appointments. If you also want public users to schedule appointments, create the parameter 's2u_online_appointment' with value 'public' in your 'ir.config_parameter'.

Works on desktop and mobile devices!

Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Easy to use

A calendar pops up, green days have free timeslots the visitor can choose from.

Fully integrated with Odoo

Appointments are visible in the Odoo calendar. Timeslots are blocked for other visitors when scheduled

Odoo • Een foto met een geweldig onderschrift
Every appointment is visible in the Odoo calendar.

It's free!

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